we were way too young


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The Middle East | The Streets

Close enough to touch
Close enough to stay
But not close enough

Little Comets | Bridge Burn

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S. Carey | The Dome

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The 1975 | Chocolate (Acoustic)

you say we’ll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoats
no we’re never gunna’ quit it

Daniel Lee Kendall | Angelique

Josh Schroeder | Paraglide

Coldplay | Magic

Coasts | Oceans

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Jose Gonzalez | Stay Alive

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The 1975 | Sex

There's only minutes before I drop you off
And all we seem to do it talk about sex

She's got a boyfriend anyway
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Mad Jam Clan | Antics

So my mates wanted me to do some recording for them, I’m not really into hip hop but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

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The John Butler Trio | Spring To Come

S. Carey | Fire-scene

Matt Corby | What The Devil Has Made

Apparently the new Switchfoot album has leaked but I can’t find it anywhere :(